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1. What is Artemisinin

Artemisinin is extracted from the plant Artemesia annua L. (a sweet wormwood that is also called Chinese herbal Qinghao). It has used since many ages to kill parasites, especially worms and flukes that are found in us all and which by their nature soak away energy resources from the body and produce by-products that must be excreted, so becoming a body burden. Once inside the cell, the artemisinin reacts with the iron, spawning highly reactive chemicals called “free radicals.” The free radicals attack other molecules and the cell membrane, breaking it apart and killing the cell. According to Lai, that process is what initially piqued his interest in artemisinin about 10 years ago. The wormwood extract was used centuries ago in China, but the treatment became lost over time. In the 1970s, it was rediscovered as part of an ancient manuscript containing medical remedies, including a recipe that used a wormwood extract. The medical community soon discovered that the extract, artemisinin, worked well against malaria, and it is currently used for that purpose throughout Asia and Africa. 

2. Artemisinin Safe and Effective

Artemisinin has established itself as a safe and effective treatment for malaria in more than 2 million patients and now researches have shown that it has activity against 55 cancer cell lines with least damage towards healthy cells.
Artemisinin has two oxygen atoms connected together as an ‘endoperoxide bridge’ which could react with an iron atom to produce free radicals. It becomes damaging to malaria parasites when it reacts with the high iron content of the parasites, producing free radicals and thus causing damage to the parasites. In this way, Artemisinin becomes damaging to cancer cells which confiscate rather large amounts of iron in compared to normal, healthy human cells. As per the Gordon Research Institute, experiments that have been conducted show that Artemisinin causes fast and severe damage and death in cancer cells and yet has quite low toxicity to normal cells. 

3. Artemisinin Studies

Dr. Lai, familiar with the high build-up of iron in cancer cells, speculated if this same method might in cancer cells, speculated if this same method works in cancer treatment. Lai conducted tests with his colleague, Dr. Singh in laboratory cancer cells recording a 100% kill rate of breast cancer in just two hours. More significantly, it left normal breast cells and white blood cells unharmed.

4. Artemisinin Herbal Cancer Therapy

Is Artemisinin simply another herbal craze in the alternative cancer therapy? Generally, most herbal cancer therapies, regardless of their effectiveness are not recognized by the conventional western medicine. However, contrasting most supposed anti-cancer herbs, Artemisinin‘s effectiveness in killing cancer cells was not discovered by alternative practitioners but by medical researchers working at a deemed university. Research Professors Research Professors Henry Lai, Ph.D., and Narendra Singh, M.B.B.S., at the University of Washington in Seattle are the great scientists who studied the anti-cancer property of Artemisinin. Their work has shown a new great direction in the area of anti-cancer treatment, and lots of research efforts are still going on. 



5. Artemisinin for Which Type of Cancer?

Studies have shown that Artemisinin is effective against 55 cancer cells lines. Most remarkably, Artemisinin has found to be effective against cancer cells from leukemia, lung, breasts, colon and fibrosarcomas. It has been also proved that Artemisinin even damaged cancers that were traditionally challenging to chemotherapy

6. Is Artemisinin Safe To Use?

Artemisinin is produced from naturally found botanical that can selectively kill cancer cells. It only becomes damaging to cancer cells because cancer cells has lots of iron, which stimulate the damaging reaction. Also, it is worth mentioning that Artemisinin has shown little to none damage toward healthy cells. Moreover, Artemisinin has a proven track record of safety as it has been used an effective malaria drug for over decade for millions of patients who have administered Artemisinin for the treatment of Malaria. 

7. Artemisinin and Public Attention

If Artemisinin is effective against cancer, why isn’t it more popular? The main reason behind the less popularity of Artemisinin is the fact that it is produced from natural herbs and thus can’t be patented. The large scale marketing can’t be done until after its generic and chemical structure has been copied in the laboratory along with a chemical sidearm that makes it into a patentable ‘new drug. 

8. How Does Artemisinin Kill Cancer Cells?

Cancer cells require irons in order to grow destructively, that’s why cancer cells generally absorb a considerably larger amount of amount than normal healthy cells. When Artemisinin reacts with irons in the cancer cells, it will stimulate chemical reaction and produce charged atoms that are known as free radicals. These free radicals hit the cancer cells membranes, breaking them apart and destroying them. Hence, Artemisinin is severely damaging to cancer cells. Experiments have been conducted to prove that Artemisinin causes fast and severe damage to cancer cells and yet has quiet low toxicity to cancer cells.

9. Artemisinin Anti Malaria

The approval of Artemisinin for the treatment of malaria was given by World Health Organization (WHO) in the year 2004. Artemisinin has also established itself as a safe and effective in malaria treatment in over 2 million patients.

10. Artemisinin Anti Cancer

Today, studies have also proved that Artemisinin is effective against many cancers as found in a row of successful experiments. While Artemisinin is most effective in the treatment of leukemia and colon cancer, intermediate activities were also found against melanoma cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, CNS and renal cancer. 

11. Artemisinin Contains 2 Oxygen Atoms

Artemisinin contains 2 oxygen atoms attached together as an ‘endoperoxide bridge’, which react with iron atoms to produce free radicals. Artemisinin damages malaria parasites when it reacts with their high iron content, producing free radicals, and causing damage to the parasite.

12.Artemisinin and Cancer Cells

In the same way, Artemisinin is damaging to cancer cells which impounds quite large amounts of iron contrasting normal, healthy human cells. As per Gordon Research Institute, tests have been done which shows that Artemisinin cause fast and severe damage and kills cancer cells and yet has low toxicity to normal cells.

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Artemisinin Super 200 mg-60 VCaps
Graviola 500 mg - 100 Capsules
Germanium Organic 150 mg 50 Caps